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301745 Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery 180mAh 3.7V for Hand POS Machine

  • Product ID:025
  • Cell Model::301745
  • Nominal Voltage:3.7V
  • Nominal Capacity:180mAh
  • Battery Features:Safe and Green
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Product Details

ModelEPT 3.7V 180mAh 301745


Nominal Voltage3.7V

Nominal  Capacity250mAh , 0.2C discharge

Charging cut-off voltage4.2V

Discharging cut-off voltage: 3.0V

Standard Charge23±20.2C CC to 4.2VCV CV4.2V till current0.02C

Charging Currentstandard charge:0.5C,rapid charge :1C

Charging Time standard charge:5.56.5h  rapid charge:1.52.5h

Max Charge Current1.25C(5℃~+45)

Standard Discharging Current-20℃~+60℃(constant current:0.2C cut-off voltage3.0V

Max Discharging Current1.25C(-20℃~+60℃)

Working Temo.charge0~45max.90%RHdischarge:-20~60max.90%RH


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